Moving Companies For Senior Citizens Magnolia Gardens, Florida

Accomplishing a massive task like moving or downsizing can be overwhelming if you view it as a whole. When the job is broken down into smaller pieces, it becomes more manageable. It took years to accumulate what you have, so it may take some time to work through it all.

Choose one small area, such as a cabinet or a drawer, and start working there. Doing a little amount each day will move you quickly forward towards your goal. Take time to clarify which possessions are essential to you, not just what you like or are used to having around. Sometimes it helps to ask yourself the question, “If I had only 5 minutes before disaster hit my home, what would I grab to preserve?”

This process will help identify items you want to make sure to move with you. Moving Companies in Magnolia Gardens, Florida can be expensive. The more “stuff” you have, the more it costs. Don’t move things that you don’t need, but be careful to take the things that are important.

Moving Companies For Senior Citizens in Magnolia Gardens

One of the hardest things to do when you are downsizing is to let go of your possessions. It is difficult just to get rid of them because you know their value. They may still have useful life left in them or can be used another way. Finding a place where they are needed or knowing that they will be used and enjoyed by other makes letting go of these items much more accessible.

A variety of agencies and non-profits use your goods to benefit others or will wisely recycle them. Consider what interest or cause is significant to you and then support that cause by donating your items.

Best Moving Company For Senior Citizens in Magnolia Gardens, Florida

Hit the “heart of home” rooms first. That’s usually the kitchen, living room and family room, which tend to be the most cluttered and contain items with the most excellent emotional value and everyday use. Make four piles — keep, donate, give to family members and trash.

From these rooms, work outward. Items furthest away, in sheds, garages, and attics, generally have less practical use in the new living space. Work with a space plan for the new home to ensure a “right size.” When the new, smaller room dimensions are known, experts typically use scale white-board diagrams of the rooms to determine how items will fit — or won’t. So measure all furniture before deciding what to keep and unload.

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Downsizing can be physically exhausting and emotionally draining. Take some time to sort through your belongings and give special items to friends and family. You can also have a yard sale or donate some items to charity. For certain items, you’re not ready to part with but cannot bring to your new place, consider using a storage facility.

This strategy will be least disruptive to normal life and will help develop some momentum to carry you through other areas of the home. Use colored stickers to identify which items you want to donate, which you want to give to family and which ones you need to keep.

Packing Tips For Senior Citizens Moving in Magnolia Gardens

Sorting through large furniture first will create a sense of progress for senior citizens. This will make it easier to sort smaller items later on, as it will be clear what storage will be available in the new home. Start and stop your preparations at a certain time. Don’t get sidetracked and you’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish. Dealing with an entire house can be overwhelming. Break it up into smaller chunks by focusing on one part of a room at a time, then move on to the next.

A professional Moving Companies in 32208 can set you up with a professional packing crew to help prepare your dishes, linens, and furniture. Hiring such a team will make packing go by faster, and your items will be safer as they are moved.

Set aside a few outfits, a set of dishes, towels, and sheets for your first few days. Include a first aid kit and a flashlight or night light as well. This way, you’ll have what you need at your fingertips instead of having to dive into many different boxes to find what you need.

How to Make Moving Easier for Seniors Citizens in Magnolia Gardens, Florida

Even if you have help on moving day, you might need to Moving Companies in Duval County, Florida boxes around your new home as you unpack, so keep the weight of the boxes in mind as you pack. Mix bulky items with light ones to keep the weight of each box reasonable. In general, make sure no boxes weigh more than 50 pounds.

Do not pack your valuables, jewelry or extremely fragile items. Carry them with you to the new place. Create an Open First box. Be sure to put all the essential things that you will need first in this box to help you get settled in your new home.

Especially for senior citizens leaving home, they’ve spent decades in with their family. Remember, it’s okay to be sad about parting with things. However, the goal is not to get rid of everything, but rather to simplify your life. Set aside downtime and reward yourself at various stages in the process.